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3/7/2011 8:23:13 PM

2018 -  One of the coolest things about our band is participating in so many fun events around our area.  This year, the Krewe of Comogo offered to provide us a fancy 1st class style float to play and ride down the parade route.  What an experience viewing the crowd from high above while playing the pipes under the colorful lights of the float.It was bit nippy, but the music sounded great and we love it too.

2017 & 2016 - A big thank you to the town of Plaquemine and the Krewe of Comogo!   We love you and your warm welcome!

2015 - Krewe of Comogo - Well, the weather forecast for Lundi Gras was so dreadful this year, the organizers moved the date to Sunday night which was warm and balmy.  The crowds definitely got the word, and they were out in full force cheering and raving.  We are always treated well and love to cross the river and go down the road to Plaquemine. 

Ultimate Mardi Gras Festival - For the first time, Baton Rouge hosted a full day of music on their new downtown stage at Galvez Plaza at the same time Spanish Town Parade was weaving through the nearby streets.  Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums dominated the Big Stage for a 45 minute performance featuring our classic favorites as well as debut a drumline salute.  The coordinator praised us for the holding the attention of our crowd for the entire performance.  I promise you that there was a lot of distractions close by (think hot pink flamigos), so we especially proud!!

2014 - Krewe of Comogo - This Lundi Gras it wasn't raining, just frigid but the parade must go on and Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums was there too.  We must say that these floats are beautifully done and the krewe members are enthusiastic and generous with their throws.  It is great to be a part of this event!!

Krewe of Triton - The band traveled across the Atchafalaya Basin to Lafayette for the Krewe of Triton Parade and Ball on March 1st.  First we gathered at the lovely riverside home of one of our members for a delicious pre-dinner. The weather was finally balmy enough to enjoy sitting on the back porch watching the waterfowl and boats up and down the Vermillion River.  Then we made our way to the Cajundome for the party.  We played our military set for the opening ceremony and later led the floats around the dome as part of the parade.  What a great evening and we even had time to catch some beads ourselves.  Having the Ball Captain in your band is a great benefit too!!  Thanks William and Dr.Bill!!

2013 - Krewe of Comogo - Mardi Gras was another Big Fat Rainy Day in South Louisiana.  Fortunately, a bit of rain last night didn't deter our participation in the debut Krewe of Comogo Parade in Plaquemine!  The steady shower at the beginning soon faded to a mist and the local crowds really cheered us on!!   Thank you people of Iberville Parish and the Krewe of Comogo for the warm welcome.

Krewe of Mystique  - Mardi Gras Mambo Time hit in South Louisiana and the Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums were definitely part of the party!!!    February 2nd we marched the streets of Downtown BR with the Krewe of Mystique.  I hope you were able to hear our new Drumline cadance; it really is unique!!  Thank you, Pete!!  And our preparade rocked- up version of a classic tune always gathers an exuberant response!!  


2012 - Krewe of Mystique -  The stormy weather that threatened all week vanished so everyone headed downtown today for the Mystique Mardi Gras parade featuring of course, Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums. The local fans were treated to a great carnival parade down the Mississippi River Road despite the cold and wind.  National and International fans, check out our posted pictures of our part in "The Greatest Free Show on Earth".  


2011 - The Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums hit the Mardi Gras Parade Season with a bang this year! First of all, we were honored to be asked by the Krewe of Mystique chairman to go to the head of the line and escort the maids on February 26th in downtown Baton Rouge.  It was a splendid day with fair skies and lively crowds.  We had a great showing of pipers, drummers and flag/ banner chicks.  We were profusely thanked and asked to return.  What a fabulous debut for us.

The following Saturday, March 5th,  it was a wild and stormy day with wide spread thundershowers.  Seeing a break in the weather, we gathered for the Krewe of Poseidon Parade downtown near the Capitol.  Soon, we attracted a group of bellydancers and they begged for a song which was quickly supplied.  Also of interest was the grand marshal, Billy the Exterminator, a Louisiana boy who had a large following and gave lots of autographs.  (personal goal of several band members).  We also received warm greetings from the revelers and a gracious thanks from the parade organizers.  See all of  you downtown next year!!