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LSU Rural Life Christmas 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012

1/16/2013 8:38:30 PM

2019 - This year we were able to add to our song list since we learned a few new tunes by performing with the world renowned Chieftains.  The Rural Life Museum was blessed with perfect weather - cool and crisp and the bonfire was fantastic. The traditional style bonfire found along the Acadian Coast burned brightly which delighted both the young and old.

2018 - Our band had a huge showing at another magical evening at the Rural Life Museum under perfect skies and in front of a big crowd.  Our Christmas music repertoire has really grown and we were also blessed to have the junior docents come dance for us again.  The bonfire burned bright and we are honored to add to the excitement and joy of the night.

2016 & 2017- Our band always has a busy Christmas calendar and these past two years have been especially crazy.  Needless to say, we enjoyed our time at the RLM playing before packed crowds and a the wonderful tradition of leading the youngsters to the large willow bonfire.

2015 - Wow! Another rousing Rural Life Christmas with the largest crowd in history. What can I say but the people love the living history aspects of RLM and they love us too with our new holiday music and drum salute.  Bear sang; Jim slung that yo-yo and we enchanted all with our music and period attire.  

2014 - Another great performance show in front of the Dogtrot house at Rural Life Christmas.  The crowds started gathering thirty minutes early and as soon as the pipes and drums started, there was standing room only!!  Before long our own Bear Wallace gave a rousing version of "Scots Wae Hae".  Another special feature this year included a lively group of costumed junior docents dancing the Gae Gordon to the music of the pipes,  They did a fine job and we hope to enlarge their repertoire in the future.  The program ended with the ever popular yoyo master, Jim Johnson and his Duncans, Let's not forget our signature crowd pleaser, McKenna's Dream with its unique drum solo ending.  Before long the time was up and we let the crowd to the bonfire and Papa Noel!

2013 - Again, our band stood on the porch of Neal Dogtrot House and performed to a large lively crowd with Drum Major David Goldsmith introducing and explaining various aspects of Scottish music and customs.  It was like performing an interactive concert and our "show" was very warmly received.  The crowd gathered early for a seat and was very attentive. Later, we once again led the junior docents with lanterns to the traditional South Louisiana bonfire. 

2012 - On Sunday, December 2nd, our band was privileged to be asked to participate in the annual LSU Rural Life Christmas in Baton Rouge.  Our heritage duty band in period attire  (La. Highlands in mid-1800's) gathered and entertained a very large crowd with an outstanding multi-dimensional performance which included traditional Celtic music and various Christmas carols.  Then Bear Wallace captured their attention with his deep and moving version of Scots Wae Hae and other Scottish favorites.  After we explained the wearing of unique Scottish attire, we dressed the kiddies in kilties.  Our yo-yo master, Jim Johnson pulled out his Duncans from his sporran and awed all, young and old.   Before long, we left the porch of the Dogtrot House and led the revelers to the lighting of the bonfire.  A fine Louisiana Christmas celebration.  Check out photos!!